Hal-Con 2015 has ended

Geeks vs Nerds

Have you ever asked if monsters are more misunderstood than aliens? Whether pirates or ninjas would run the better franchise restaurant? Or perhaps you've wondered who is the more malevolent masked master of minions: Darth Vader or Doctor Doom? Because we have. And we here at Geeks versus Nerds have answered those questions in the best way possible:

Live debate.

A team of Nerds matches off against a team of Geeks. Each are assigned a candidate, and through a series of rounds - including crowd favorites such as, "Who would win in a fight?" and the ever-changing "PigMonkey Question" - the teams argue, using facts, obscure knowledge, and trash talk, in their attempt to beat their opponents into submission... Or win the audience's favour. Whichever comes first. 

Cheer for your favourites, or for the best debaters, or for the funniest jokes; after all, everything's made up and the points don't matter, so c'mon: let's have some fun!

Geeks versus Nerds was founded in 2010 by Andrew "PigMonkey" Dorfman and brothers Jay and John Roy, and boasts a diverse team both on-stage and behind the scenes. It includes a franchised live event and a semi-monthly audio podcast, and produces original Youtube content.

If you are interested in having GvN participate in a convention or other event you are holding, would like to join us with a new franchise in a market we currently do not reach, or have any other questions about our organisation, please contact us at info@geeksversusnerds.com for more information. 

If you wish to join us as a new debater, you can reach us through the form athttp://www.geeksversusnerds.com/apply/.

Friday, October 30

7:00pm ADT

Saturday, October 31

7:30pm ADT